Arcade Games - Source Code

Program Name Author Info Description
LANDER David Zohrob   Source code to LANDER by Mallard
SOLO David Zohrob   Source code to SOLO by Mallard
Sphere Fighter Maverick 3D, VGA fighting game.  Great graphics!
Labyrinth Daniel Boswell VGA maze game.
Haunted Halloween Jason Jackson VGA 3D adventure game.
Immortal Kombat Jason Jackson   Fighting game for 2 players.
Miniature Golf Jason Jackson Golf in VGA for 2 players.
Extreme Velocity <unknown> COOL racing game.
Battle Balls David Richardson Interesting adventure game.
Rigor Mortis 2 <unknown> VGA paddle-war game.
Pipeline Christy Gemmel CGA addictive arcade game.
QBLOCKS Microsoft, Inc. Great version of Tetris.
Nibbles Microsoft, Inc. The classic snake gam (now for 3 players)
Gorilla Microsoft, Inc. Classic banana-throwing game for 2 players.
Worms! Ben Piko Great VGA Mario-type action game.
Rock Wars Brennen Bearnes Interesting twist on "tank" games.
Red Baron <unknown>   Space war game.
KAL 4 Philipp Lenssen Cool 3D spaceship mouse game.
CRACKOUT Thomas Watson   Breakout-type game.
Wet Spot Angelo Mottola .ZIP; GREAT action game with superb VGA graphics.
Federico the Frog <unknown> .ZIP Fun frog game (in French)
Snoopy <unknown> .ZIP Snoopy action game.
Bounce Cybertech .ZIP; Great action game, hard to describe. VGA.
Pac Guy Jim Hess .ZIP QBasic Pac-man type game.
3D Pong Kyle Mahan Mouse-controlled 3D Pong.
Jewel Hunter John Hess   Cool action game.
Probe Brian Hogan ;.ZIP Great version of Lander.
QBInvaders Tim Truman ;.ZIP WOW! VGA Space Invaders! Great game.
Monster Slayer Noah Daleo ;.ZIP WOW! Side-scrolling adventure game.
Surfer Majesty .ZIP Interesting game where you surf for stunts.
Space Worm Tomi Lamsa ; .ZIP Cool action game. Well done.
Dimension Man S.H. Softworx ; .ZIP Original action game w/ VGA gfx.
Frogger Matt Bross .ZIP Good version of Frogger in QB.
Pearl 2 Jester ; .ZIP "Bouncing ball" game. Hard to describe.
Spinball ECI ; .ZIP Excellent VGA pinball-type game.
BalloonX Manny Najera ; .ZIP Classic QB balloon-flying game.
Box Attack Chris Maj .ZIP Attack of the boxes.
Baldio Dominick Aguilar   Mario-type action game.
Road Hog 2 Kevin Reeds .ZIP Racing game for QB 4.5
Bomberman unknown ; .ZIP AMAZING QB version of Bomberman. Must-see!
Wetspot 2 Demo Angelo Mottola ; .ZIP Wetspot 2 alpha version - awesome!
Invaders Jonathan Shelley   New version of space invaders.
Wormhole Brent P. Newhall GREAT shoot-em-up, 360-degree game
HFighten HackSoft   Stick-fighting game; not for the squeamish
Blud FiteTrip Hecht Another stick-fighting game - well done.
Nibbles IILucas Alonso .ZIPA VGA version of the popular Nibbles game.
QPacDavid Jennings .ZIPVGA Pac-man type game. Nice graphics.
BombDavid Duvenaud Tank Wars-style game. Multiplayer.
Stunt ChopperDavid Duvenaud Drop a guy on a truck... hard to explain.
JezzBallunknown .ZIPA QBasic version of JezzBall.
MonoSpaceunknown .ZIPCool space game (although it's only one color).
Robot PlaguePhilipp Lenssen .ZIPReally cool robot game - tiles, soundblaster, weapons, and more!
ArcDemoTsiplacov Sergey .ZIPDemo of a side-scrolling shoot-em-up. Well done!
Space PsychoHackSofty .ZIPSpace Psycho - a cop goes insane and kills people. Creative..?
Face ShooterMike Conley .ZIPA simple text shooter where you shoot at faces.
Duel 2LStarbuck .ZIPCool space dueling program.
Trash Man!Dan EgbertA very cool game, kinda like PacMan, but you pick up trash.
PacManScott Harber .ZIPA great version of Pacman called "Big Yellow Head.'
TagLogan Hoehn A simple tag game for 2-3 players (w/ joystick).
GorillaSoundQuantum Cow A modified version of Gorillas so you can turn off sound.
BackmanSkurk/b .ZIPAnother version of Pac-man - though not quite the same.
Chopper CommandoJosh FergusonA QBasic version of a CLASSIC game.. fun!
MayhemAlex Smith .ZIPAWESOME 2-player space battle game - duel each other! Great!
FlightSolid Rock Software .ZIPA 3D mouse-oriented flight sim.. shoot down the enemies!
TankwarStinkyAn awesome version of Tank Wars for 2 players - less than 400 lines!
Slussen FightersOtso Kassinen .ZIPA great fighting game with tons of characters. Nice.

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