Graphic Demos

Program Name Author Info Description
MegaGrafix   TONS of graphic demos in one program.
Cube Borders   Interesting cube demo.
Waterfalls   Waterfall demo.
Designs David Zohrob   DRAW command demo.
Micro <unknown>   DNA rotation demo.
Cube <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
DNA rotation <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Spirals <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Zolo <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Webb <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Axis <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Star <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Tessera <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Coral <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Radials <unknown> Cool circular graphic demo.
Spirals Screen Saver Justin Rosenberg   Cool spiral screensaver.
Bounce <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Pyta <unknown>   Miscellaneous fractal demo.
LikeIt Daniel Hedsen .ZIP Interesting palette fade/rotate demo.
IDKDI <unknown>   Miscellaneous graphic demo.
Rad 2 Great rotation/palette demo.
Cones Wayne Wallace   3D-type VGA cones - cool.
Sepinksi Joshua Milligan   Triangle fractal demo
Rad3 <unknown> Curved, VGA "vector" demo.
Wibble Grimace "Wibbles" a circle. Must-see!
GS3DO Matt Bross Cool 3D engine.
Damn-Pre Mike Chambers Fast 3D engine for DOOM games
Dragon <unknown> Cool "dragon" made out of circles.
Windmill <unknown>   Windmill VGA demo.
Puddle <unknown> Cool bouncing puddle effect.
Mystify <unknown>   QBasic version of the Windows screen saver.
Fire Matt Bross   Cool "fire circle" demo.
Smoke Bomb unknown   "Smoke Bomb" subroutine for use in programs
EALAVA unknown Another "plasma" program - very well done
SurfaceunknownA 3D wireframe demo.
Patternunknown A simple rotating box pattern.
SimulationsLucas Alonso5 different simulations - pretty nifty.
Rotateunknown Rotate graphics using the DRAW command.
ScrSavDavy van SoestVery cool spinning demo - kinda like Rad2 and 3
FullRotScott Deming .ZIPA scary rotating skull w/ ASM code. Ahh!
ScrSaverunknown .ZIP3 different screen savers. Simple, yet nice.
Grafixunknown A very simple demo using the DRAW command.
CirclesMandark A simple circle demo in VGA.
SineWaveNathan Horne A cool sinewave graphic demo. Nifty.
Demounknown .ZIPLoads an AcidWorks Draw file created in Paint Shop.
BlobiJose Pedro Dias .ZIPAn interesting "blob" screen saver.
Sym2Twan Goosen A mirroring pixel-plotting demo.
ArenaLucas Alonso An interesting demo where a line bounces around an arena.
Halusin8Kevin Penner An interesting, yet freaky demo...

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