Graphics-Related Source Code

Program Name Author Info Description
GIF loader <unknown>   Loads GIFs in QBasic easily.
GIF loader #2 <unknown> .ZIP Another way to load .GIFs.
BMP loader <unknown> .ZIP A way to load .BMPs in QB
PCX loader <unknown> .ZIP Loads .PCX paintbrush files.
Colors David Zohrob   Demonstration of PALETTE command with colored circles.
"Lens" effect <unknown> .ZIP Demonstrates graphic lens effect.
Fireworks Everett Arvin   Firewords with PALETTE fading
Outlined Fonts Phillip Jay Cohen Code to have graphic, shadowed fonts in colors in SCREEN 13.
Wavey Text <unknown> Code to have text go across a sine wave.
Plasma Alan King Plasmatic palette rotations.
3D Experiment <unknown> Rotating, fading, scaling 3D spaceship.
Melting <unknown>   Code to melt graphics in any screen mode
Fade in/out Manny Najera Fade images in and out on the screen.
3D Landscapes Per Larsson   Creates random 3D landscapes.
DisplayBox Carl Hultay Routines to have shadowed, scrolling text boxes on the screen.
3D Experiment 1B Rich Geldreich Modification of 3DEXP2.BAS with colors.
3D Game Engine Victor Woeltjen Wolfenstein-type game engine in QBasic.
QBPALETE Dennis Shimoski Jr. Palette routines - fade in/out, rotate, etc.
Birdie David Zohrob .ZIP BSAVE routines.
VgaFont DarkDread   VGA font routines
Parallax DarkDread   Parallax scrolling in QBasic
Wormhole Matt Bross   Wormhole with other sprite routines
FliPlay Carl Gorringe Plays .FLI / .FLC files (slow)
The Fractalizer <unknown>   Makes fractals out of any grid design.
Vector Engine Jake Billings   Rotates, moves a vector in 3D
Windows Fonts <unknown> ;.ZIP Windows sizable fonts in QB! Cool!
PutRite David Zohrob   PUT graphics w/o overwriting background!
Gradient <unknown>   Create custom VGA gradients.
Gif2BSV Laz ; .ZIP Converts .GIFs to .BSVs
Amobe Per Larsson Kind of like a hi-res PLASMA.BAS.
Fontmake Ken Rockot .ZIP Create your own 5x7 fonts
QB Image Library Horizon Soft. ; .ZIP WOW! Image routines, fast load/save
Uranium .ZIP Another 3D engine in EGA mode
Mandel Brent Bernstein   Mandelbrot plotting program
BMP EditorYap Ching Fatt .ZIPAllows you to edit and save 70x70 BMPs.
BlastLibunknown .ZIPVGA off-screen routines for fast sprites.
LScapeSpirit Generates large 3D landscapes.
Smoothing demounknown .ZIPDemonstration of smoothing graphics in QB.
Scrolling Creditsunknown .ZIPA demonstration of credits scrolling for a game.
BumpAndre Victor .ZIPHard to describe.. a big rock bumping around.
QB RaycasterAndreas Agorander .ZIPVery well done raycaster, VGA graphics. Must see.
IconReinald Nijboer Loads icons of 766 bytes (kinda limited, but may be useful)
MS WindowEric Harms Makes a Windows 3.1-type window in a program.
RosEditDominik Kaspar .ZIPAllows you to create "rose" designs with the DRAW command.
3D DemoSulaiman Abdul-Khabir .ZIPA demonstration of using 3D wireframes in QB.
3DLandTopFiero@aol.comAn AWESOME 3D landscape generator - VGA 256-color!
3DStarsSkurk/b .ZIPA 3D starfield for use in any program.
BMScrollerSkurk/b .ZIPA scrolling message bar for the bottom of the screen.
BumpMapSkurk/b .ZIPHard to describe - puts bumps on a sphere. Cool, though.
SmallFadePeter Bindels .ZIPA great fader in only a little bit of code!
Filled VectorSkurk/b .ZIPDemonstration of a filled, rotating cube.
MBrotSkurk/b .ZIPA standard mandelbrot plotting program.
Mand2Skurk/b .ZIPA demonstration of faster mandelbrot plots.
VectorSkurk/b .ZIPDemonstration of a 3D rotating cube vector.
VoxelTopFiero@aol.comAn excellent 3D land generator.. even more detailed than 3dland.
QuickBMPDoug Barry Very very fast BMP loader.. try it out
Dash GraphicsVirtuaSoft .ZIPExcellent graphics library that uses assembly
Font GeneratorDieter Caspary .ZIPCreates fonts for use with the SVGAQB library.
QBWrite 2.7UnderWARE Labs .ZIPThe latest, greatest, and probably final version of QBWrite.
JBD LibrarySkyfighter .ZIPFast graphics library for use with GIFs and JBDs.
DesenharAvenger .ZIPA graphics editor, in Spanish.

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