Miscellaneous Source Code

Program Name Author Info Description
Chat! David Zohrob   "Artificial intelligence" project to work on.
QBSERIAL <unknown> .ZIP Modem and serial routines for QB 4.5.
QBSUBFUN Matthew Usner .ZIP; TONS of useful subroutines.
Joystick Routines <unknown> .ZIP General joystick routines.
DInput Paul Ulrich Routine to take a limited-length INPUT.
Nobreak <unknown> .ZIP Disables <CTRL>-<BREAK>
Eliza Daniel Fletcher .ZIP Chat program like CHAT.BAS, but better
BasTerm Mark Kim   A BASIC modem terminal program
AnsiView Martin Rampersad   ANSI viewer in QBasic
XModem Bryan Leggo Sends/receives in all XMODEM modes
WindowsX HackSoft   Fake Windows OS.
EDInputJose MaresAllows you to edit input with keys like home and insert
Stringunknown A string... you have to see it to understand
EAN-MSI BarcoderJan Dierickx .ZIPCodes EAN and MSI standard barcodes for your printer.
3D ObjectsDaniel Sanchez Allows you to create 3D objects in QB.
Particle GravitySkurk/b.ZIPDemonstration of particles bouncing around w/ gravity.
Talkjerzy123@aol.com A new chatting program...
JokiBiggun Prod. .ZIPAllows you to assign keyboard keys to joystick directions.
EMSLibunknown Very useful routines for storing graphics and data in EMS memory.

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