Board/Strategy/Educational Games - Source Code

Program Name Author Info Description
Mega Math   Math functions and quizzing
Soccer <unknown> .ZIP ASCII soccer game.
Monopoly <unknown> .ZIP Monopoly for QBasic.
TRY Maverick Are you tired of Tetris?  TRY this!
Othello William Yu VGA/EGA Othello game.
Yahtzee Tybee Evans   ASCII version of Yahtzee.
Scrabble Jason Jackson Great verion of the classic game.
Checkers James Prevatt   Text verion of classic Checkers.
Skull <unknown>   Interesting maze game.
Space Duel Jonathan Hopkinson Great turn-based space duel game.
Dungeon Jonathan Hopkinson RPG set in a dungeon maze.
Yoshi Chris Kugler Great text-based adventure game.
Lith 2 <unknown> .ZIP; MUST-SEE VGA RPG in a 3D maze.
Tic Tac Toe David Zohrob .ZIP; VGA Tic-Tac-Toe with BSAVE graphics.
Mat's ASCII Blackjack Mathew Brenan   ASCII Blackjack game.
HERE <unknown> Great Final-Fantasy-type map engine.
Sliding Puzzle   Sliding puzzle with 3 different puzzles.
Black Jack Justin Rosenberg   Black Jack card game.
BattleCraft Seah Boon Siew .ZIP; AMAZING mouse-oriented game using the mouse. Similar to Warcraft. (actually online now!) :-)
Santa Laz Cool "tank wars" game, but with Santa
QBMatrix Timothy Truman
David Pastore
.ZIP; GREAT QBasic Tetris game. Fun, too.
Dark Crown 1 DarkDreams .ZIP; Awesome RPG w/ good graphics and story.
Card Games Eric Davidson .ZIP A bunch of card games.
World Cup Soccer Alex Makris ;.ZIP A great QB soccer sim.
M.R.T. Brian Hogan ;.ZIP Mini Robotic Tanks - fun game!
Germs William Yu .ZIP A Dr. Mario clone - fun!
Try Too Maverick .ZIP The sequel to TRY. Similar, yet still fun.
Blast 3 Darren Edmonds ; .ZIP Great text-only strategy game!  Best I've seen.
Hell Pit 1 Fig .ZIP Text/graphics RPG. Not bad.
Hell Pit 2 Fig .ZIP Sequel to the above - small improvements.
Fantasy Randall Gersdorf .ZIP 3 episodes of a RPG.
Flashback Jeff Elmore .ZIP VGA, mouse Simon-type game.
Wheel Daniel Kalna .ZIP Wheel-of-Fortune game.
Electme unknown   Election simulation game.
Ninja Jesse Acosta ; .ZIP Wow! Ninja RPG-type game.
Hell Pit 3 Fig .ZIP The latest in the Hell Pit series.
MiniRpg 2 Kevin Reeds ; .ZIP Wow! Cool RPG, great gfx!
Maze .ZIP Interesting EGA maze game.
Logic Mind 3 .ZIP Cool! "Mastermind" VGA game w/ mouse
Connect 4Luis Padilla A classic game made in QBasic!
Planet WarsBen GarrisonCool space fighting game.
World WarunknownGreat turn-based text simulation of war.
White HouseunknownA cool election simulation. Fun and humorous.
Zielunknown .ZIPEXCELLENT VGA RPG with awesome gameplay and graphics.
Ernieunknown .ZIPThe adventures of Ernie the Parrot. (?)
Chessunknown .ZIPQB VGA chess using the mouse - cool!
Mine SweeperHarry Van Woerden .ZIPGreat QBasic version of the classic game.
Cyber-BoxEdward D. Collins .ZIPExcellent strategy game: push boxes around in lots of levels.
OozesR‚gis LocasWizards and oozes.. get through levels zapping the green slimes.
TetrisXMarcel Smolenaars .ZIPAnother Tetris clone, but VGA and very well done.
ZantarEnrique A. Compain Gzz. .ZIPAdventure game - find the key and the exit. VGA.
Pearl 3Philipp LenssenCool Pac-man style game with good gameplay.
Pearl 4Philipp Lenssen .ZIPAnother in the pearl series - this time, you can use a joystick.
Pearl 5Philipp Lenssen .ZIPExcellent breakout-type game with awesome graphics.
Night StalkersScott Carnegie .ZIPA nicely done RPG with a cool storyline.
Howardunknown .ZIPTic tac toe using the mouse.. not bad.
QuestJohnny Ingersoll .ZIPA well-made text RPG with a huge world.
Connect 4Dominik Kaspar A decent version of the classic game for 2 players.
MasterMindDominik Kaspar A text version of the classic MasterMind game using numbers.
MinesDominik Kaspar .ZIPQB Minesweeper with adjustable difficulty. Nice.
CasinoLeif Starbuck .ZIPA cool slot machine game. Fun!
QCrackerGuytek A graphical version of the classic MasterMind game.
BugAndre Dirk .ZIPA cool game where you run around on squares.. fun.
FSim 43Skurk/b .ZIPCOOL 3D flight simulator demo w/ mouse. Must-see!
CarGabe Lane Interesting game.. very hard to describe, but fun.
Hanoiunknown An interesting strategy/puzzle game in text mode.
Death by Salt!Jeremy Roark .ZIPA very fun and humorous game of hangman.
BlockerScott Piper .ZIPFun, pac-man like maze game.
Truckin'Leif Starbuck .ZIPA driving simulation.. really fun!
Hamburger HeavenLester A fun simulation game where you run a hamburger stand.
Galactic WarsRobert Moreno .ZIPA decent shooter that needs some work...
QB CookieJaws-V Soft .ZIPWOW!! Excellent action/arcade game.. must-see!
A Beefian AdventureMatt Willer .ZIPA simple, yet funny text adventure game.
Space TrekDale Harris .ZIPOld-school space adventure game.. made in 1981 :)
Stock Market SharkDamon Amyx .ZIPFun stock market simulation for 1-6 players.
Guess That PhraseKei ProductionsFun twist on classic Hangman game.
HangmanKei Productions The classic hangman game..

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