Sound-Related Source Code

Program Name Author Info Description
QBSAMPLE <unknown> .ZIP Sample and play a Soundblaster sound.
SBSOUND <unknown> .ZIP Soundblaster programming information.
PLAY David Zohrob   Repeating music in the background w/ the PLAY statement.
WAV player <unknown> Plays 32k WAV files in QB with little effort.
WAV/FM player Martin Rampersad Plays a WAV and FM music at the same time.
DMAPLAY Martin Rampersad Plays ALL of a WAV (any size)
SWFX Tim Truman ; .ZIP Creates sound effects easily used! GREAT.
HSCQB 2.0 Steve Bigras ; .ZIP FM music player and editor (like a .MOD)
QMIDI Jesse Dorland ; .ZIP Play MIDIs in the background!!
SoundlabAngelo Mottola .ZIPExcellent sound lab for making sound effects/music.

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