.EXE files and Utilities

Program Name Author Info Description
LANDER David Zohrob .ZIP; .EXE Mallard's Lunar Lander game
SOLO David Zohrob .ZIP; .EXE Mallard's SOLO arcade space game.
QB Poker Hadler@aol.com .ZIP; .EXE Great QBasic Poker
Phastphone MrFlip@aol.com   Phone book utility program
QB WRITE <unknown> .ZIP; Text editor similar to EDIT.COM
QBDRAW <unknown> .ZIP; .EXE Program that lets you paint .BSV pictures.
MemInfo Rick Elbers Information on using extended memory
XMSDemo Rick Elbers Demo of using XMS in QBasic
LowMem Rick Elbers How to get around low memory problems
CAD Jim MacDonald cool! CAD design program w/ mouse
EDraw Angelo Mottola .ZIP; .EXE Advanced .BSV paint program
Dir Martin Klingensmith   Gets file DIRs into programs
Sort David Zohrob   QUICK sorting routine for scores, etc.
DOS Interrupts <unknown>   Helps you use DOS interrupts.
Sip Draw SipSoft .ZIP; .EXE Great drawing program for sprites.
Manipulate Keyboard Martin Rampersad   Allows you to lock keys on the keyboard
Disassembler Robert Claypool   The beginning of an EXE disassembler.
Graphic Artist Anil J. Chawla .ZIP; .EXE Another graphic designer w/ mouse.
Cards2 D. Kosta   Index-card rolodex program
QFastmanJim Phillips .ZIPDemonstrates programming techniques to increase speed.
PrimeL. Meyer Lists all prime numbers from 1 to 999999...
ApeDrawApester .ZIPAPEDraw graphics editing program - nice!
Keysunknown Shows how to monitor shift keys and other keys.
EncryptAdam Perry & Matt Ochs A simple, yet effective encryption program.
TileDXChris Rennie .ZIPAWESOME tile editor, mouse-run. Must-see!
FontMakeAccuPixel Software .ZIPLets you create and modify DOS fonts in QB.
PasswordDavid Williamson A demonstration of having *'s typed for a password input.
CryptStrategy Surplus A simple encryption program.
QBUtilGlenn Stumpff .ZIPA great collection of utils for the COM PORT and reading palettes.
ErrorsLucas AlonsoAllows you to bypass runtime errors in your programs.
JoyCalLogan Hoehn Calibration routines for the joystick.
CrypterLucas Alonso .ZIPA good encryption program.
PaintProjectPimuri .ZIPA half-done paint program meant as a project.
File CryptEric McCormick A very well-made encryption program. Easy to use, too!
Hey-CodyThe WebKid Another encryption program... but it uses numbers (nice)!
GetInputKunal Arya .ZIPExcellent input routine, with *'s for passwords, fixed-length, and more.
MessageHuntKieren Johnstone .ZIPSearches your BIOS to find whatever messages are "hidden" there.
WordwrapKris Parker Word wrapping routines and text-box routines.
Pong 97DarkDread .ZIPGreat pong clone w/ nice graphics and sounds.
OneCheckXyzzy Prod.Nicely done puzzle game.. very hard to describe, but fun.
WeerdtrisPasco .ZIPInteresting spin on Tetris - very fun!
EverdownJoel Oakley .ZIPExcellent rpg game with good gfx and storyline.

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