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Blast Off With BASIC

Appendix D: Reserved Words in BASIC

Reserved words are those which are important to BASIC. They are reserved for BASIC's exclusive use. This means you cannot have a variable name that is the same as any word on this list. Reserved words include all commands, statements, and functions in BASIC, plus a few words such as AND which perform special operations.

An attempt to use a reserved word as a variable name will usually result in a SYNTAX ERROR. These kinds of errors are sometimes hard to see because nothing about the statement will look wrong.

Correct variable names may include a reserved word. For example, while END may not be used as a variable name, ENDING would be perfectly fine. Likewise, NAME is reserved. NAMES is not.

       ABS                        DATE$                     GET
       AND                        DEF                       GOSUB
       ASC                        DEFDBL                    GOTO
       ATN                        DEFINT                    HEX$
       AUTO                       DEFSNG                    IF
       BEEP                       DEFSTR                    IMP
       BLOAD                      DELETE                    INKEY$
       BSAVE                      DIM                       INP
       CALL                       DRAW                      INPUT
       CDBL                       EDIT                      INPUT#
       CHAIN                      ELSE                      INPUT$
       CHDIR                      END                       INSTR
       CHR$                       ENVIRON                   INT
       CINT                       ENVIRON$                  INTER$
       CIRCLE                     EOF                       IOCTL
       CLEAR                      EQV                       IOCTL$
       CLOSE                      ERASE                     KEY
       CLS                        ERDEV                     KILL
       COLOR                      ERDEV$                    LEFT$
       COM                        ERL                       LEN
       COMMON                     ERR                       LET
       CONT                       ERROR                     LINE
       COS                        EXP                       LIST
       CSNG                       FIELD                     LLIST
       CSRLIN                     FILES                     LOAD
       CVD                        FIX                       LOC
       CVI                        FNxxxxxxxx                LOCATE
       CVS                        FOR                       LOF
       DATA                       FRE                       LOG
       LPOS                       POS                       STICK
       LPRINT                     PRESET                    STOP
       LSET                       PRINT                     STR$
       MERGE                      PRINT#                    STRIG
       MID$                       PSET                      STRING
       MKDIR                      PUT                       SWAP
       MKD$                       RANDOMIZE                 SYSTEM
       MKI$                       READ                      TAB(
       MKS$                       REM                       TAN
       MOD                        RENUM                     THEN
       MOTOR                      RESET                     TIME$
       NAME                       RESTORE                   TIMER
       NEW                        RESUME                    TO
       NEXT                       RETURN                    TROFF
       NOT                        RIGHT$                    TRON
       OCT$                       RMDIR                     USING
       OFF                        RND                       USR
       ON                         RSET                      VAL
       OPEN                       RUN                       VARPTR
       OPTION                     SAVE                      VARPTR$
       OR                         SCREEN                    VIEW
       OUT                        SGN                       WAIT
       PAINT                      SHELL                     WEND
       PEEK                       SIN                       WHILE
       PEN                        SOUND                     WIDTH
       PLAY                       SPACE$                    WINDOW
       PMAP                       SPC(                      WRITE
       POINT                      SQR                       WRITE#
       POKE                       STEP                      XOR



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